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Ministry wise Websites and their RTI links



Sl.No. Ministry Name Dept/Org Name Web Site RTI Link
1 Election Commission of India Election Commission of India Website Link RTI Link
2 Ministry of Environment & Forests Ministry of Environment & Forests Website Link RTI Link
3 Botanical Survey of India, Kolkatta
4 Zoological Survey of India, Kotkatta Website Link RTI Link
5 Forest Survey of India, Dehradun RTI Link
6 Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy, Dehradun Website Link RTI Link
7 National Museum of Natural History, New Delhi Website Link RTI Link
8 National Zoological Park, New Delhi Website Link RTI Link
9 Directorate of Forest Education, Dehradun Website Link RTI Link
10 Central Pollution Control Board, Delhi Website Link RTI Link
11 Central Zoo Authority, New Delhi Website Link RTI Link
12 Gobind Ballabh Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development, Almora Website Link RTI Link
13 Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education, Dehradun Website Link RTI Link
14 Indian Institute of Forests Management, Bhopal Website Link RTI Link
15 Indian Plywood Industries Research and Training Institute, Bangalore Website Link RTI Link
16 Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun Website Link RTI Link
17 Andaman & Nicobar Forest Plantation Development Corporation, Port Blair Website Link RTI Link
18 Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, New Delhi Website Link RTI Link
19 Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, Mumbai RTI Link
20 Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, Chennai Website Link RTI Link
21 Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, Kolkatta RTI Link
22 Central Regional Office, Lucknow Website Link
23 Regional Office,Bangalore
24 North Eastern Regional Office, Shillong
25 Regional Office, Bhubaneswar RTI Link
26 Regional Office, Bhopal
27 Northern Regional Office, Chandigarh RTI Link
28 Animal welfare Board of India, Chennai Website Link RTI Link
29 National Biodiversity Authority RTI Link
30 Wildlife Crime Control Bureau Head Quarter RTI Link
31 National Green Tribunal Website Link RTI Link
32 National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM) Website Link RTI Link
33 Regional Office, Dehradun
34 Regional Office, Chennai
35 Regional Office, Nagpur Website Link RTI Link
36 Regional Office, Ranchi
37 Ministry of External Affairs Embassy of India, Guatemala City Website Link
38 Embassy of India, Luanda Website Link
39 Embassy of India, Buenos Aires Website Link
40 Embassy of India, Yerevan Website Link
41 Consulate General of India, Melbourne Website Link
42 Consulate General of India, Perth Website Link
43 Consulate General of India, Sydney Website Link
44 Embassy of India, Vienna Website Link
45 Embassy of India, Bahrain Website Link
46 Assistant High Commission of India, Chittagong Website Link
47 Assistant High Commission of India, Rajshahi Website Link
48 Embassy of India, Thimphu Website Link
49 Consulate General of India, Phuentsholing Website Link
50 High Commission of India, Gaborone Website Link
51 Consulate General of India, Sao Paulo Website Link
52 Embassy of India, Sofia Website Link
53 Embassy of India, Pnom Penh Website Link
54 High Commission of India, Ottawa Website Link
55 Consulate General of India, Toronto Website Link
56 Consulate General of India, Vancouver Website Link
57 Embassy of India, Santiago Website Link
58 Consulate General of India, Hong Kong Website Link
59 Consulate General of India, Shanghai Website Link
60 Embassy of India, Colombia Website Link
61 Embassy of India, Zagreb Website Link
62 Embassy of India, Havana Website Link
63 Embassy of India, Prague Website Link
64 Embassy of India, Copenhagen Website Link
65 Embassy of India, Cairo Website Link
66 Embassy of India, Addis Ababa Website Link
67 High Commission of India, Suva Website Link
68 Embassy of India, Helsinki Website Link
69 Embassy of India, Saint Denis Website Link
70 Consulate General of India, Munich Website Link
71 Embassy of India, Budapest Website Link
72 Embassy of India, Kabul
73 Embassy of India, Berlin
74 Consulate General of India, Hamburg Website Link
75 Embassy of India Riyadh
76 Embassy of India, Athens, Website Link
77 High Commission of India, Abuja, Website Link
78 High Commission of India, Accra Website Link
79 Embassy of India, Algiers Website Link
80 Embassy of India, Amman Website Link
81 Embassy of India, Ankara Website Link
82 Consulate General of India , Atlanta Website Link
83 Embassy of India, Baghdad Website Link
84 Embassy of India, Baku Website Link
85 Consulate General of India, Bali Website Link
86 Embassy of India, Bamako Website Link
87 Embassy of India,Bangkok Website Link
88 Embassy of India, Beijing Website Link
89 Embassy of India, Beirut Website Link
90 Embassy of India, Belgrade Website Link
91 Embassy of India, Berne Website Link
92 Consulate General of India, Birgunj Website Link
93 Consulate General of India, Birmingham Website Link
94 Embassy of India, Bishkek Website Link
95 Embassy of India, Bratislava Website Link
97 Embassy of India, Caracas Website Link
98 High Commission of India, Colombo Website Link
99 Embassy of India Damascus Website Link
100 High Commission of India, Dar Es Salaam Website Link
101 Embassy of India, Dublin Website Link
102 Embassy of India, Dushanbe Website Link
103 Consulate General of India, Edinburgh Website Link
104 Consulate General of India, Frankfurt Website Link
105 High Commission of India, Georgetown Website Link
106 Embassy of India, Hanoi Website Link
107 Ministry of External Affairs CPV Division Website Link RTI Link
108 Indian Council of World Affairs RTI Link
109 Indian Council for Cultural Relations Website Link RTI Link
110 Ministry of External Affairs Website Link RTI Link
111 Department of Economic Affairs UTI Infrastructure Technolgoy And Services Limited Website Link RTI Link
112 SPMCIL Corporate Office Website Link RTI Link
113 National Savings Institute (NSI) Website Link RTI Link
114 SPMCIL Bank Note Press RTI Link
115 SPMCIL Currency Note Press Nashik Website Link RTI Link
116 India Security Press, Nashik Road Website Link
117 SPMCIL Security Paper Mill, Hoshangabad Website Link RTI Link
118 SPMCIL Security Printing Press Hyderabad Website Link RTI Link
119 SPMCIL India Government Mint, Hyderabad RTI Link
120 India Government Mint, Kolkata RTI Link
121 India Government Mint, Mumbai Website Link RTI Link
122 India Government Mint, Noida Website Link RTI Link
123 Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Head Office Website Link RTI Link
124 Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) Website Link RTI Link
125 Specified Undertaking of Unit Trust of India (SUUTI), Mumbai RTI Link
126 Department of Expenditure Controller General of Accounts Website Link RTI Link
127 Central Pension Accounting Office Website Link RTI Link
128 Ministry of Earth Sciences Pr.AO, MoES
129 National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting RTI Link
130 India Meteorological Department Website Link RTI Link
131 Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology Website Link RTI Link
132 Ministry of Earth Sciences Website Link RTI Link
133 Integrated Coastal and Marine Area Management (ICMAM) Project Directorate Website Link RTI Link
134 Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology Website Link RTI Link
135 National Institute of Ocean Technology Website Link RTI Link
136 National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research Website Link RTI Link
137 Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services Website Link RTI Link

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